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My name is Taigan, and I am a 20-some, recently married farmer's wife.. I've always loved photography, and regret going to University to do the "right" thing, aka business classes, and wish I would have done what I wanted to do - Photography! Fast forward a few years, I've gotten myself some nice gear, taken numerous classes, and researched daily how to better myself in this form of ART!

Why hire me to create your family heirloom's?

     * Diploma in Photography 

     * Participated in several of Greg Johnson's Photography Workshops

     * Just completed a wedding workshop with #2 in Canada wedding photographer                       Christina Craft of FunkyTown Photography

     * Completed Milk & Honey Studio Lighting Workshop

    I do my best to everyone feel comfortable, and my main goal is to capture YOU, being YOU! I encourage FUN & RELAXATION, and strive to create TIMELESS PORTRAITS that you can cherish forever! 




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