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Hi! I’m Brenden! I’m a portrait photographer that specializes in newborn photography. It probably all started when I was just a little one myself. My Aunt was an oil pinter and she would constantly photograph me for studies, and I remember loving the camera then and eventually taking it away!
Photography was just a hobby for a very long time. Then I met Bradley, the love of my life. He was a part-time wedding photographer, and being with him really sparked that passion in me again. It’s funny for the longest time I had no idea what to do with my life. Then one day it all clicked. I wanted to be a professional newborn photographer. I love being able to capture those precious early memories when they are so small and new, and the most important images to me are parents with their new babies. I look back and cherish every image I have with my mom and it's my greatest joy to capture that for other new families. 

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