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Congratulations!  We're so happy that you get to be part of this amazing journey known as motherhood!  There truly is no better job or success in life than to love and raise a child!

As Connecticut's premier maternity, newborn, and child photographer, we provide you with a stunning portfolio of images and an enjoyable, exciting experience!  Our maternity photos are not standard or replicas of the same ones you see over and over again on Pinterest.  Instead, we focus on the FEELINGS of being pregnant:  the joy, the anticipation, the fear . . . all of it.  We capture the beauty of this time in a tasteful, creative way that you'll enjoy looking back at.

Our newborn sessions are also designed to be relaxing and fun.  Your baby will be in the safest of hands, modeling their cuteness, while you are relaxing in our studio, watching TV, catching a nap, or chatting.  We capture those precious images that only occur in the first few days of life:  the flaking skin, the pouty lips, the curled up toes . . . it goes by SO fast, and we want you to be able to relive it all again and again.

To book a session with us, please email us at or call our studio at 860-782-0878.  We look forward to working with you! 

Please view our Maternity and Newborn gallery HERE.   

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