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As an adult I realized that my family NEVER had a family portrait taken. The only official family photos we have are from our traditional Christmas Day family photo assembly line. For as much as I complained about them at the time I am so happy to have them, especially now that my Dad is no longer with us. While I will always cherish those photos, I wish my parents would have invested in a quality portrait, one where someone isn't inevitably looking at the wrong camera – since we had a minimum of 5 going off at any given moment. There is no substitute for a great image!

I have also loved taking pictures and looking at pictures for as long as I can remember. My parents had giant photo albums and I could sit and look at them forever. My dad was always taking pictures, and I loved anything he loved. It is great to have all of those memories documented.

I wish I realized long ago that I could have made photography a profession, but I only viewed it as a hobby. So, I went to college and majored in Marketing – a field I worked in for 15 years – before I decided to start over and follow my dream....It's NEVER too late to live your dream!


Some other random facts about me...

• I am addicted to coffee, especially iced coffee and warm pumpkin spice lattes.

• I love to bake (for others.)

• I cry a lot – when I'm happy, when I'm sad, or when I'm just watching a random commercial!

• I am a bit of a perfectionist, that or I have a mild case of OCD.

• I love to travel.I love living in Chicago – so many great things to do, places to eat, and the people watching can't be beat.

• I love music of almost any kind, and I love to sing – unfortunately I was blessed with a voice only suitable for singing in the shower or in the car, alone...very alone!

• I love Chicago sports – Blackhawks, Bulls, Bears and White Sox.

• I love reality tv – it is my guilty pleasure!

• I value honesty, loyalty, and great friends. I try to live by the golden rule 'treat others how you want to be treated.'