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I am young and driven and I understand to achieve anything it requires faith, believing in myself, vision and hard work. My goal as a photographer is to not miss THOSE MOMENTS that can pass by so quickly. Capturing the breathtaking smile of a newborn or the very first kiss of a husband and wife is what drives me to be the photographer I am. Photography is not just a hobby or a job, it's my passion. There is absolutely nothing better than to hear and capture the very fist cry of a newborn and to capture that smile during a newborn session. I love to tell stories with pictures and express the moment where there are no words that can describe what an image can convey. This is why I love photography.

I was born and raised in the small town of Coffeyville, KS. I am driven, a perfectionist, a mother, a friend, and a child of God. I love Applebee's Triple Chocolate Meltdown, the movie The Notebook, and the Dallas Cowboys. I am blessed to have the most amazing children in the world and I love them with everything I am. I absolutely hate shoes and would love to be in shorts and t-shirts all year long. Pensacola Beach, FL is my absolute favorite place in the world. Something about the sand between my toes, the smell of the salty air and the sound of the ocean just puts me at ease.

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