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Things to know about me? Hmmm.. hahaha... I grew up in a large blended family and have 6 amazing blood related brothers and sisters. I was born and raised in Ontario in a very small Heritage Town and spent most of my youth playing on farms and helping to raise my younger siblings.During my 20's I spent 3 years in post secondary education, but did not study photography. I traveled to Ireland, England, Greece & Italy and found myself here in beautiful BC.  I've struggled in my life and worked hard to get to where I am now.  My exposures and my upbringing have given me a great deal of sentiment and a love for people. By nature I often wear my mind on my mouth and my heart on my sleeve. And I worry far more than I should.I have a beautiful family. A 9 year old puggle who has energy like a pup and seriously smiles. My husband who I'm lucky to say is also my best friend. And our sweet little boy, who has inspired me since birth. He's challenged many of my ideals and beliefs about life... and who teaches us everyday.​Being a photographer wasn't something I ever though possible. But as with life, it seems to have a way of making sure we do exactly what we are meant to when the sun, moon and the stars align.

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