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Everybody has a story. Mine started the first time I was given a camera as a little girl and I fell in love. Not with my camera (although it is one of my most prized possessions), but with the ability to capture other peoples stories in a single moment in time. While I strayed from photography and pursued engineering (nerd alert right here!), that love has always stayed with me. As a mom of two crazy, busy, extremely lovable and the worlds cutest boys (it's true), I fell deeper in love. I don't ever want to forget the memories we've created and realized that I don't want anybody else to either! Its not just about capturing that yearly family photo. It's about capturing the first kiss on your wedding day, the first moment you saw your child after birth, the last time you nursed your baby, the last dance of your high school career, shoot, even that moment while taking family photos that your child gets silly (or serious for that matter!).... there are millions of moments that shape our stories. So what's YOUR story?

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