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Hey ~ I’m Kadi. I’m a high school student (currently studying business for Post-Secondary) from Rochester, Mn. I’ve been in the business of photography since 2009 and I absolutely love it. I’m completely inspired by babies and children. I love everything about their young, little lives. Whether it’s a newborn’s wrinkled little nose, a baby’s gummy smile, or a toddler’s first wobbly steps … I love it. I specialize in natural light and custom, lifestyle photography. Most of the sessions are on-location. Let me know if you have any questions, I love hearing from you. Feel free to ask me anything.:)~ Kadi

A little bit about me:

~ I love Starbucks coffee.

~  I love listening to my favorite song on repeat.

~ I love kids and babies. So much.

~ I love picnics.

~ I love stars … stargazing … on the roof. I also love climbing up onto my roof and studying up there. It’s nice.

~ i love trees, baking cakes, catching fireflies, hot air balloons, drive-in movies, the county fair, the farmers market, swimming in a pool of glowsticks, the circus …

~ I love hand-written letters.

~ I love shooting film.

~ I love messy hair and unmade beds

~ I love road trips

~ I love Chipotle. I may or may not have taken a dare where I ate two huge Chipotle burrito’s back to back in 30 minutes. Yeah.

~ I love checking the time and it’s exactly 11:11

~ I love christmas lights. Also, I love Christmas.

~ I love TOMS.

~ I love The Hunger Games. Yep. I read it too many times to count and saw it 9 times in theaters. LOVE.

~ I LOVE tea.

~ I love lazy Sunday afternoons

~ I love building forts in living rooms.

~ I love spell check (correction: I need spell check.)

~ I love british accents

~ I love reading

~ I love to believe in Santa … on Christmas Eve

i love my job. i love being able to witness babies being born into loving families. i love snuggling sweet smelling fresh little newborns. i love meeting new families and becoming friends. i love that – i seriously love my job.

~ I love rain.

~ I love my Teddy Bear Puppy, Gracie … and my two little brothers.

~ I love my family and I love my friends … they’re all so amazing.

~ I love Jesus:)He’s pretty great.

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