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I am a proud mom of 4 kiddos!  J is 6 and in kindergarten.  L is 4 and can't wait to be 5.  A is two and she believes she is the boss & the princess.  M is 1 in a couple days and he is my baby.  We have 2 dogs, Sadie & Raymond, as well as 3 cats, Caleb, Thomas, & Charlie.  We have a couple stray cats that hang out in the evenings too.

 I love being a newborn photographer.  I love the hope that each newborn represents.  I love seeing the love and adoration in new parent's eyes as they look at their baby.  I love the sweet cuddles.  I love the smooth skin and adorable back rolls.  I love baby feet. Seriously. Baby feet are amazing!  Oh, and that swirl of hair on the back of the head....Love it!  Newborns are just magical.

I love life.  I know things are not perfect, but I make the best of every situation and I'm a firm believer in God.  I know that with Him, all things are possible.  This I hold close to my heart and remind myself daily.

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