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Have you ever found yourself going through old photographs knowing you should be doing any number of the things on your to-do list, but not able to stop looking at picture after picture? Maybe you even laugh at a few or cry at others.

Pictures have the power to evoke emotions in us even years after they are taken. They are collection of memories over time; each telling a little part of our story. It was this emotional connection to memories that began my love of photography.

Beyond the standard photos of my children, my wedding and those awkward teenage years that hold so many memories on their own, pictures became a lifeline in the time that my husband was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011-12. It was a visible way for us to stay connected over the months and miles of separation and growth of our children while he was away.

Once the power of a picture settled itself in my life, I pursued this passion both through practice and through an education at the New York Institute of Photography. The more I learned, the more I loved about photography and the desire for a business grew.

Joyful Story Photography exists to provide you with photographs that tell a piece of your story, hold close a moment in time and capture the emotions in this season of your life. I would so enjoy getting to know you and finding the best way to express a part of your story!

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