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I am a wife, mom of two young boys, and a breast cancer survivor.:)

I started my photography journey after my second son was born. I had taken my boys to a chain studio, and was so disappointed in the service and quality of the experience. I decided from that point on that I could take their photos on my own. Little did I know that this journey was meant to be for me. Once I started just snapping photos of my kids, I started to enjoy capturing every little moment. After a while I upgraded to a beginner DSLR camera, and started to read everything I could on photography. I watched videos, and took small online photo courses. I practiced, practiced, and practiced some more. I was falling in love with the idea of being a photographer. I then started, of course, asking friends and family if I could capture moments for them for even more practice. I started to get their friends asking me to take photos of their children and family. It grew from there. My actual business was born in 2009. I now have a 650 SQ FT studio and found my passion in photographing newborns and babies.

The first few weeks for any new mom is a blur. There is so much going on, and before you know it, your newborn isn't a newborn anymore. To me, capturing this time is just as important as capturing your wedding day. Do your research, look at different photographers, makes sure you LOVE their work and try not to book someone on price tag alone. Newborn photography is an investment. You will have these portraits for the rest of your life, to show your children, and their children... <3



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