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My name is Jamie Anderson, and I’m the photographer behind JME Portraits. I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California. I began taking pictures at the ripe old age of 12, and had an old film camera that was a hand me down twice removed! My very first “photo shoot” was in Washington, DC as an eighth grade student! I still have those photos tucked away; I keep them to remind me how far I’ve come.

I chose to do newborns because I have a special place in my heart for these little people, especially when I think about how big of a hold they have on our hearts. Mother’s Day is a beautiful day for most…but a very sad and difficult day for others. I remember skipping church and avoiding luncheons/dinners when we couldn’t get pregnant. When month after month I got a BFN (moms that are trying know what that means). After several years of trying, lots of fertility tests and even more prayers, I can say with pride, “I am a mom.” It’s been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Through my own experiences in childbirth and time spent in the NICU, God has blessed me with compassion for others and their similar circumstances. I have four children and all four of them came into the world in a different way. Hailey. My first. The one I had prayed for for years came on her due date. A perfect pregnancy, a perfect labor, and a perfect delivery. Caleigh came early. I had been on bed rest for a couple of weeks due to contractions and then my blood pressure went up. Way up. I had her after 2 days of labor and after hours of pushing she came out, broken nose and all. She came out turned to the side and for that reason I broke her nose! Baby John. My boy. My only blue eyed baby. He is a miracle. I was punched in the stomach when I was only 16 weeks while teaching high school. I was on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy with an emergency cerclage. I was blessed in my delivery, he was my fastest at only 8 hours, start to finish. After 2 days in the hospital we headed home with our new baby boy! But as we pulled in the driveway baby John turned blue and wasn’t breathing. After several days in the NICU and next to zero sleep we finally got to bring him home. Apnea monitor and all. And then there is Aubree, our surprise baby (never thought I’d say that) and our surprise gender baby! She is the one that perfectly rounds out my ability to have compassion with all moms and their birth stories. After 3 babies I was sure I’d have her super fast and all would be smooth sailing…then they told me she was breech! What??? She wasn’t breech a couple of days before. So we got all prepared to do a version, and possibly a c-section. They wheeled me into the operating room only to find out she had turned herself head down already!!! The joy was only short lived though because after several hours of labor her arm was coming out of the canal first and I had to be rushed in for an emergency c-section!! She was born with an apgar score of 2, and for those that don’t know the scoring is out of 10 and they usually want a baby to be a 9 or 10, so a 2 was an emergency situation. She ended up in the NICU for several days before we could be together, so I spent the first several days of her life pumping so I could eventually nurse her.

So that’s me. My journey to becoming a mother and my birthing stories. The miscarriage after miscarriage story. The perfect labor and delivery story. The blood pressure problem filled pregnancy story with an early delivery. The emergency cerclage and NICU baby story. And the c-section NICU baby story. I think that pretty much makes me able to relate to everyone…which is why I make a great choice for photographing your story, pregnancy, delivery and newborn!! I have been blessed to experience it. I have been blessed with a heart of compassion. And I have been blessed with a talent. A talent I want to share with your family.

I love photography because it allows me to share in God’s beauty. He creates it, but I capture it. And that’s what I want from every shoot; I want to capture the beautiful person God created your newborn to be. There is nothing more beautiful than a brand new little one swaddled up so tight; a newborn baby in her mother’s arms; or a father looking down on his son with the future in his eyes.

My beginnings as a photographer are not pretty, but the end results have been breathtaking!

Customer Reviews

"Jaime is amazing at what she does. My little one was so calm with her and she had just the right gentle touch. My daughter was wide awake and I was worried that she wouldnt sleep at all during the shoot, but Jaime worked her magic and baby girl was out. Her pictures came out perfect!! I can't wait to see the rest."

8 August, 2014 by Chakina Jones

"I have now been blessed enough to use you twice and I stand by the words I said two years ago: You are the most amazing photographer & person! You are so talented, patient & beautiful on the inside and out. Thank you for being such a great person! I look forward to getting to know you and maybe even working together one day :) I am SO excited to see the outcome! If I had any hormones left, I could have cried ALL day watching you at work! Everyone needs to use Jme portraits-- she is the BEST of the BEST!"

8 August, 2014 by Blaire Gregg

"Jamie is so sweet and gentle with these little ones that you will get amazing images and love your experience with her. She is someone who you can trust with these precious first moments!"

8 August, 2014 by Denee Marx

"Jamie is amazingly talented! This is her true calling and she took such great and delicate care of my newborn for his pictures! She is so sweet and very patient to be sure she captures the perfect poses! I LOVE HER!!!! And I highly recommend her!!"

8 August, 2014 by Alison Allen

"The BEST at what she does, Jamie LOVES what she does and it radiates in every opportunity given. She's amazing. I cannot imagine another soul taking my babies' photos ever again. Thank you so much for your patience and for an OUTSTANDING job well done. :)"

8 August, 2014 by Jaton Leonard

"My trio just finished a session with JME Portraits and I cannot wait to see the finished product. Jamie was so patience with the babies and is truly a baby whisperer. She was professional, kept us adults in the loop about the plan and great all around. Look forward to doing it again! Thanks for helping us capture these tiny bodies."

8 August, 2014 by Jessica Bodnar

"JME Portraits is amazing! "God creates it, we capture it" is true but more specifically, God created Jamie to capture it! She has an amazing eye for detail, a very creative mind, and a loving heart. She has a way with babies- making them smile and capturing that special something that makes each baby unique. I am so happy with everything JME Portraits has already captured, and hope that Jamie will be with us as our family continues to reach new milestones and continues to grow."

8 August, 2014 by Lisa Parliament

"Jamie is not only a FABULOUS photographer, but also a wonderfully caring individual, which shines through in her work. I would (& have) recommend her to anyone with a newborn!!"

8 August, 2014 by Stefanie Miller

"Jamie is a god-sent newborn photographer, she is very passionate about the work, understanding to the me as a new mom. Her tender touches and handling of my baby is what make the pictures come out as good as 'magic'."

8 August, 2014 by Sarah Ta Domingo

"Jamie is absolutely amazing at what she does! Luke's newborn pictures are stunning and we will be back for more pictures soon!"

8 August, 2014 by Michelle Hood

"I just love her! Most importantly I LOVE that she's Christian. She has a heart for children like no other person I know, and it reflects in her work. She's a talented and wonderful artist."

8 August, 2014 by Angela Badillo