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Hi, I'm Gustavo Gonzalez, 40 years old and father of one girl. I was born in the Canary Islands, grew up in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria but I currently live in The Netherlands.

The reality is that I've always been a bit obsessed with photography, take pictures of anything and everything throughout the day, whether I was alone or with family and friends, I never forgot my camera. For several years I have been fortunate to work on a photography department in a large Spanish department store, where I learned the basics of my knowledge. After attending several courses in digital photography, I decided in 2007 to take the photography not only as a hobby but start to work as photographer. I realiced several assignments for companies, weddings and some friends and family photoshoots. In 2008 I moved to the Netherlands and since that momment I am specialized in child and family photography. I'm happy to capture the happiness with my camera and immortalize them for my clients.

In recent years, I have invested a lot of time to improve my photography technique by attending conferences, workshops and online courses, of some international photographers.

Customer Reviews

"Met enorm veel geduld en liefde positioneerde Gustavo ons dochtertje met als resultaat een prachtige herinnering op foto."

11 October, 2016 by Trijntje De Boer

"Fotógrafo de excelente trabajo, una imagen para toda la vida y como persona, amable, cordial y lo mejor, su simpatía. Una gran persona."

11 October, 2016 by Esteban Socas

"Excelent professional and person! It's a pleasure to work with you! Thanks"

11 October, 2016 by Blanca Langa

"Gran fotógrafo y gran persona, la primera aptitud complementa a la segunda. Orgulloso de tener a Gustavo en mi lista de amigos, felicidades por tu trabajo crack !!"

11 October, 2016 by Victor Linares Berenguer