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I am blessed that I have practiced photography since 2007 and have professionally been capturing those life moments since 2011 when I first established Featured Expressions Photography. I love taking photos, I love capturing those special moments that we as parents, family members, loved ones, and etc.... can never have back (they grow so quickly)! As a parent I never want a fellow parent to miss out on the best times of a newborns, a graduating child, a full family, and etc.... moments. A photograph last forever!

Featured Expressions Photography provides photography services across Ohio for your Family of all shapes and sizes. My name is Michael Thompson and I like to capture moments in time that cannot be given back and or will never be the same. As a father, I realized that my precious newborn would constantly be changing and I realized the best way to capture these special moments in time are to photograph them, to archive them forever for generations to come!

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