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I am a Mother, a Photographer and a Midwife, I have been into photography since being given my old Pentax z20 film camera years ago by my Father, but then went into nursing and Midwifery and having my family, I picked up the camera again in 2009 and began photographing landscapes and macro, and began to take myself to classes to understand the camera, and what everything meant, so after 3 years of lots of education and workshops and portfolio building started my little business officially in 2011, one year of portfolio building and studying newborn and maternity photography.


I have loved taking this journey of growth and self discovery, this is my passion, I still work as a midwife at the moment, and love working with women and their families, and love creating beautiful memories for families to cherish for years to come, I am loving watching little families grow.

Creating memories to last in photographs that we will one day look back on and remember just how small our children were, how our families have grown and changed, there is nothing in this world more important than family, Photographs exist to remind us of how things were, how happy we are, and how in love we can be, your children will one day look back on these memories that were created and share them with their children and grandchildren and remember Family.

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