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My given name is Darby, most of the time I go by mom. I am a lover of art, photography, sweets and anything appealing.

I am the family memory keeper, I am a strong believer in documenting life.

I still get teary eyed at weddings, I feel honored when chosen to be that person in charge of turning your moments into memories. I love the anticipation, the joy, and the personal touches that make each wedding unique.

My pricing philosophy; I personally would only hire a photographer for my family that would provide full-resolution digital images at a reasonable cost, so I decided I would offer that to my clients. I love being able to scrapbook, email and facebook my images and love for my clients to do that as well. I love being busy and I have the most amazing clients!

My style of photography is simple, modern, fresh, inspired, and detail oriented.
If you have any questions regarding any of the prints that you see, please feel free to contact me.

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