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Hi there!  My name is Dawn and I am the owner and photographer for Apple Blossom Photography.  I started my career in photography when I was just 16 years old, photographing families for a photography company.  I stayed in that job until college when I took many different photography classes ranging from still life to landscape to portraits.  I found I really enjoyed portrait photography best.  I opened up Apple Blossom Photography 7 years ago photographing many cute kiddos and wonderful families.  I have had a blast doing my job, giving families memories that will last a lifetime.  It is very rewarding.

I have found with my years of experience that I really adore newborn photography.  I feel comfortable and at ease when photography babies.  My clients have called me the baby whisperer more than once, which makes me feel great because that means I know what I am doing!  I love posing sweet newborns and giving family portraits they can cherish for a lifetime.

I have two kiddos, a dog, a cat and many fish. My life is super busy but I love every minute of it!  I couldn't ask for a better career and family. 



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