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Hi I'm Amy!

I am a mum to three gorgeous little babies, Alexander 4 & Aidan 2 and Annalise 5 months, who are my drive, my passion and my inspiration. I better not forget hubby too, hes my rock.

My photography journey began when i was knee high to a grasshopper ( as they say ) and someone gave me a camera as a present. 

I remember how much excitement there was to get my roll of film back to see what i had captured and that excitement still exists today except i dont have to wait for my roll of film thanks to the digital era.

Throughout the years i would put the camera down for various reasons, one of which was when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Long story short, sadly my mother lost her battle 5 weeks after the birth of our first son.  It was at this point i decided it was never too late to follow your dreams and picked up the camera again, that was almost 5 years ago and in this time i have been steadily learning, growing and studying to better myself in capturing those precious memories.

I am at a point in my photographic career now, that i feel comfortable calling myself a photographer.


Amy xo

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