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I love capturing the memories as they happen. That comes from my years of experience in TV News. I love that “never know what is going to happen”  feeling.

I wish I had some grand explanation of how I started in photography.  I didn’t have a parent that was a photographer. I didn’t stumble into it after having a child.  I wanted to go to college but was horrible at math, science and pretty much any of your run of the mill academic majors. The college I decided to go to had a great TV Production Program, and I decided to go for it.  I fell in love.  To tell a story in pictures, and have anyone who sees it understand the story and feeling is amazing.

I’m an artsy, photojournalist when it comes to newborns. I LOVE posing them. But I also love life style session. Capturing moments as they happen inside your home. 

I’m a wife of an amazing, supportive husband. I’m a mom of a very active two year old. I teach students at Emerson College how to become photojournalists and editors. I love what I do. I love each session. I am a “Prop Addict” and I have so many headbands, hats, blankets and baskets that I am pretty sure my Facebook feed has more prop shops than friends. icon smile ABOUT ME

I often wonder how I could be so lucky to have met the most amazing families and couples over the years. Each and everyone of you have an amazing story to tell, and i am so blessed to get to tell it icon smile ABOUT ME



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