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I am an award winning Newborn photographer, specializing in Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography in Las Vegas NV. I have a studio which has grown popular over the past 9 years. I am a lover of unique and fun images, whimsical yet classic. I do both studio and outdoor work, but specialize in newborns. I live in  the Las Vegas/Henderson area with my husband and 3 kids. My passion is photography and I truly love what I do!

Customer Reviews

"I met Amanda with Triple Vision Studios about 3 months ago when I scheduled a maternity session with her. I had been super nervous about showing any skin, especially to a stranger. Amanda very quickly made that go away. She has a way of making you feel more comfortable than you've ever felt and her images make you feel and look more beautiful than ever. I also used Amanda for my newborn pictures and I just have no words for how amazing she is when it comes to newborn photography. She is truly a baby whisperer lol. She has a way of comforting your newborn baby that even I cannot do. She is so patient with them, so gentle, and so determined to get that perfect shot for you to enjoy for a lifetime. She's not just patient with a squirmy, cranky newborn; she is also very patient with a rambunctious, unpredictable toddler. She will shoot and shoot until she is able to get that perfect shot. And because she has a heart of gold and wants every client to be happy, if she doesnt get that shot sh"

2 July, 2013 by SAM B

"I have never once looked around at different photographers and I now know I never will. Amanda has a talent like no other and patience of a saint. My daughter went in @ 14 days old and pretty much cried the entire time and did not want to sleep. Amanda was determined to get a good picture if it killed her. We were able to take like 2 that day so we arranged to come in another day and try again. Thankfully she was a little better the next time and we were able to get amazing pictures that will be treasured by my family forever. You can go into Amanda's studio with an image in mind and she will make it come alive, but you can also go in there with no clue of what you want (like I did) and her creative mind will give you the perfect shot! I can honestly say that I have never left there disappointed and I've already been planning future shots in my head! I'm honored to know Amanda and have her amazing work hanging in my house! I have no doubt in my mind that Amanda's work will continue to "

2 July, 2013 by JAYMIE B

"I met Amanda about a year ago, since then I have had my kids photos done more than once and our first family photo. They are amazing and I couldn't be happier. She took he time with different scenery on location and made it very easy and fun. She works very well with my children and they love to see her for pictures. She does amazing New Born photos too. I wish I knew her when I had my children. I didn't think to much about new born picture then but I also didn't see them done like hers. I highly recommend her she is very invested mind, body and spirit into what she does. You won't be disappointed! Book your session today!!"

2 July, 2013 by LAUREN M

"Amanda at Triple Vision is amazing!! She is patient and determined to catch that breath-taking photo! She always says that "the baby is the boss" which I love, because she does not try to force good pics to happen. I referred a friend to her that was more than pleased! We have had two sessions with her and are going for our third tonight! She is so great to work with! I'd highly recommend her to anyone that wants high quality professional photos for a reasonable price!"

2 July, 2013 by ASHLEY W

"I believe people are put in your life at the time they are for a reason. I've had awful experiences with several different photographers throughout Vegas. I started to give up hope and I invested in a nice camera as I was prepared to capture my growing families pictures myself. That way no one could mess up orders, crop heads out of pictures, raise their prices substantially, or have them not show up to my last chance at capturing my pregnant belly. I found Amanda through venting to my cousin. She referred me with excitement. I called Amanda that night and I told her about all my issues...concerns if you will. She was so understanding and sympathetic. She made me feel so confident and excited again about trusting in someone to capture those priceless moments. Before we hung up I booked my next few sessions with her in hopes she was here to stay! After meeting with her we fell in love with her. She was so nice and laid back. She did a session with my son who's 5 and my daughter who's 2."

2 July, 2013 by PAIGE D

"Amanda with Triple Vision Studios is amazing! She makes memories that last forever . She is great at what she does and makes you so comfortable. She puts together your perfect and it's even more perfect than you imagined!! She is great with kids even if its a grumpy one year old that wont sit still or a 4 year old that doesn't feel like smiling. You won't leave without having the perfect pictures. After our session my daughter was referring to her as her "best friend" . I will never go anywhere other than her!"

2 July, 2013 by BRIANNA Y

"I first met Amanda last year, at 6 months pregnant, when I got naked in front of her! I wanted to do something special for my husband, so I booked a boudoir session. I was immediately comfortable enough with her to strip right down and let her make me feelmore beautiful then I ever have. Now, 5 sessions, countless hours, halloween, maternity, birthday and a newborn later we have amazing, incomparable photos to cherish. It does not matter if you have unruly bridesmaids, grumpy husbands, a picky mother in law, 3 screaming toddlers, just one spoiled diva, or a fire-breathing, color-changing unicorn in tow, Amanda will capture your perfect shot. She is completely conscience of your vision and makes whatever "it" is happen. Just as we have, after only one session, you too will find your forever and for-all-occasions photographer in Amanda!"

2 July, 2013 by DANIELLE S

"Amanda with Triple Vision Studios is simply amazing. She is creative and patient when photographing little ones. She take her time and shoots countless images to get the perfect picture. My girls are 3 and 5 and Amanda has always been successful at getting great pictures of my girls. We have had Amanda take our Halloween and Christmas pictures an we are looking forward to our Easter pictures at Nelson. (How awesome is that?). As someone else stated, these are private sessions so no other kids screaming and distracting the session. Amanda is focused only on you and your family. Needless to say, I doubt we will ever use the mall photographers again. We have found our family photographer with Triple Vision Studios."

2 July, 2013 by CINDI R

"I was worried about finding a photographer to love for when my new baby arrived. And luckily I found Amanda. She's so creative and was so patient with my newborn. I have amazing maternity and newborn photos. And plan to have many more sessions with her. She's inspiring, it's obvious how much she loves what she does. As she should because she is a very talented photographer. I would recommend her to anyone."

2 July, 2013 by AMY Q