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Hi there, I'm Jess and the artist behind Jessica Rae Photography. I specialize in fine art newborn portraiture, and also offer maternity & boudoir as well. Newborn photography is more than just a hobby or ordinary photo session with me. A newborn portrait session is like a peaceful and expressive moment in time in my life.

I never knew where I wanted to end up working with my camera until my first and only daughter was born. I tried weddings, family portraits, the works. The minute I photographed her and saw more and more newborn photography it was like something had clicked. I immediately knew what I wanted and how I wanted it. Ever since then this business & my family are my entire life.

I cannot rightfully describe the amount of love and happiness this business has brought me and since beginning this journey. The families and people I have met throughout these few years have really made an incredible impact on my passion & love for shooting. I treat my clients like family and their children as my own. I  take an enormous amout of pride in what I do and my relationships with my clients really represent that.

I plan on doing this for as long as I physically can, and strive to continue to grow as a successful newborn portrait artist and meet more wonderful families as I go.

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