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Studio Tour with Melissa DeVoe Photography

Let’s take a tour of another newborn photographer’s space! This week we have the pleasure of peeking in on Melissa DeVoe Photography’s in-home studio. Melissa DeVoe Photography is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and specializes in custom photography for expectant Moms and babies.



How did you become a photographer?

I became a photographer after I had my first child.  I got my first DSLR and followed him around photographing his every move.  By the time I had my second child, I was even more hooked.  I took photography courses through a local community college and then decided to open my own business.  It took about a year in business before I knew newborn photography was what I wanted to focus on.  I just can't resist a squishy little baby!




How long have you been in business?

3.5 years


How long have you had your studio?

I just hit the one year anniversary!


Where is it located?

It's located on the third floor of my home.  It's a private space where my kids aren't allowed!  It's about 1,000 square feet with it's own private bathroom, lots of closets for prop storage, a separate thermostat so I can control the heat in the space, and an attached room that I use specifically as a private space for new moms to nurse or pump during a session.



What do you photograph in your studio?

I photograph newborns and babies up to one year old.


Do you use natural light or studio light in your studio?

I use studio light.


How long did it take to build/finish your studio space?

We moved in last summer and it took about 2 months to get everything set up.  Pictures, decorations, etc. are a continuous work in progress because I love adding new touches!


How would you describe your studio space?

I would describe it as functional and organized.  I'm always buying new things and then needing to de-clutter because I don't like too much "stuff".  I also think it's a really comfortable space for families, with the couches, cable TV, Wi-Fi and snack station.  I want everyone to feel comfortable and at home when they come to me!


Did you have a certain vision in mind when creating your space?

I wanted it to be colorful, comfortable, and represent my personality.  I also wanted good organization, which took a lot of work but I'm so happy with my backdrop storage, closet space, blanket shelving, and hat/headband hanging system.


What is your favorite thing about your studio space?

My favorite thing is definitely my hanging prop area.  I love that all of my hats, headbands and wraps are right where I can find them.  And clients love that they can see everything I have and easily pick out some favorites they'd like me to incorporate into their session.  My second favorite thing is my packaging station -- it's a built in desk where I store my product samples and keep all my packaging supplies for client orders.



Thank you for sharing with us, Melissa!!


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