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Hi There !

Thank you for stoping by. My name is Marta and I am Photographer based on New Jersey specializing in Newborn, Maternity, Children and Family Photography.

My passion is to design real-life photographs that transcend the ordinary snapshot and become a work of art. I like pictures that tell a real-life story and have an insight into the lives of the people I photograph.

My favorite thing as a photographer is that I'm granted this little peek inside your life. It's a privilege that I don't take for granted. Your trust in me to photograph your precious little ones and capture yours or your family story truly humbles me.

As a Newborn and Children Photographer I get to tickle a lot of toes. Our children are art in themselves, I want to capture the most precious & fleeting moments of your little ones lives. I have endless patience for your kids in sessions. Spirited children make the best subjects. Hands down.

My clients can’t shake me. When I get to know your gorgeous faces and families, I’m invested in YOU. This isn’t my job, it’s my zen. You become my people!

When I edit, I create what I’d want on my walls in my home. You get a gallery full of that. Know each image has been hand edited by me with this in mind.

We all have an idea of what a traditional family portrait session is supposed to be. I like to capture the moment in - between - the look or a laugh you share with someone you love, because that’s what’s real and true.

In my mind, there is nothing better than being asked to join you and your family to photograph these spontaneous loving moments in your life.

I absolutely look forward to capturing your life story.


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