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I'm Melissa and I am the photographer and owner of Fox Hill's Photography. 

A bit about me...

I am a belly laugh enthusiast and will do just about anything to make you laugh. Most often making fun of myself, and I sometimes... ok maybe 99.99999% of the time... laugh at my own jokes!

I am the type of person who wears her heart on her sleeve, and I am not afraid to cry in movies ... I'm talking full blown out bawling even during Lady and the Tramp.

I love music and will often be found having dancing parties and singing. (I've got some great moves to some of the best children's songs, and you never know when I will bust a move)

I love talking, yet English was never my preferred subject in school

I love vacuuming and I absolutely cannot make anything to eat until every counter and dish is washed and put away... 

I was born and raising in the city, and moved to the farm loving life (even though I said I could never leave the city)!

I married my one an only true love, and snuggling with my crazy kiddo's is a daily must

My passion is Lifestyle and Wedding Photography and over the years I have attended many workshops and webinars on newborn posing, soothing newborns, the safety of newborns and posing them, as well as on many other topics with both newborn and wedding photography. I photograph most of my newborn sessions in my safe and comfortable studio, this way we have all the props and gear all close at hand, however I do also travel to your home as well for those in home lifestyle sessions with some bean bag poses. 

Over the past 10 years, I have been so very blessed and grateful to be able to do what I love to do every single day. Meeting all the wonderful people and capturing all these special memories! My goal in every session is to create excitement, joy and laughter! To have fun, and to capture images of those real emotions. You know those ones where even your eyes are smiling, and you can feel that excitement and raw emotion when you are looking at your photographs. I have a huge passion for documenting lives, those first looks, the forever love, that first breath, and all the crazing moments of life in between. I've been very blessed with photographing and meeting all these wonderful people who have entrusted me with preserving these moments in their lives. When I am either creating a stylized session or preserving those ever so sweet moments. I always leave my sessions feeling full and like I am part of their family! I love making new friends along this incredible journey and they have all been nothing short of amazing!  

I am also a huge supporter of giving back. As a mother who has had a few children in the hospitals for lengthy stays. I have come to know first hand the Wards of the Regina & Saskatoon Labour & Delivery Units, NICU & the Mother Baby Unit, as well as the Children's Hospitals (both the Saskatchewan & Alberta's Children's Hospital (Stollery)), as well as the Ronald McDonald House.  Like many other parent we all know how very important these places are for our little ones and how lucky we are to have them! So when you have a Maternity or Newborn Session with Fox Hill's Photography I am proud to say that each year I make a card and send proceeds from all Maternity and Newborn sessions to support all of these extremely important units.

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